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sabato 12 novembre 2016


WIN A PRO-JECT RPM1 ($499) TURNTABLE Share a Photo of a Feedbands Record Feedbands is giving away this sweet RPM-1 turntable. Here's how to enter: 1.) Sign up for a Feedbands trial and pay only shipping at feedbands.com/vinyl/ -No Purchase Necessary- Simply share or tag us in a video on social media explaining what Feedbands is and what we do and we'll send you a record to unbox. 2.) Post a photo of your Feedands record on Facebook, twitter, or instagram. 3.) In the post, say a few words about what feedbands does, tag us @feedbands and link to feedbands.com/vinyl Winner will be chosen on December 1, 2016.
Un video pubblicato da Feedbands Vinyl (@feedbands) in data:

martedì 18 ottobre 2016

Live Video Mash Up

Yes Maam

1 hour + of dream pop & indie pop incl Hidinin, Allie & Ivy, Amycanbe, Tiaryn, Moon Holiday, WHARVES, Stillwater Giants, Onomoto, Animal Soul, Dog Orchestra, New Arcades and more. Then it's electronic/house ft. PASSERINE, Rogerthomas, LOWER SPECTRUM etc.


WOLF / Album of the year....

Remix Time / Fighting

Bondi Radio / Wherefrom

Yes Ma'am "Now spinning lush tune WhereFrom by Italy's Amycanbe on spesh #indiepop #dreampop show on Bondi Radio #newmusicarmy :-)
Amycanbe - Wherefrom from Amycanbe on Vimeo.