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sabato 2 settembre 2017

Discover Contest - Vote for I PAY

We are in the Discover Contest by College Underground Radio

Check it out! And Vote for "I Pay"

Thank you for the support!


"Your Own Thing" in new DREAM POP station on Radiosparx

"Your Own Thing" is featured in #JUSTDREAMY - RadioSparx #FridayFeeling with the launch of RadioSparx NEW "#DreamPop" station - https://www.radiosparx.com/…/Dream-Pop/Your-Own-Thing/632757
"Showcasing atmospheric, harmonic textures, this shoegaze-influenced station creates an embracing, mesmerizing Indie-Pop style.

Sweet Dreams are indeed made of this! Register here for a #FreeTrial: https://www.radiosparx.com/default.cfm/pl.2056"


White Slide (Video) Directed by Carolina Cortella

We have got a new video, this time for "White Slide", directed by Carolina Cortella:

"Isolated landscapes, crumbling and strong waves are surfed in a foggy cold pacific ocean. Depicting a free spirit detached from city habits and routines."

After the firt exclusive feature on great Italian Cinema and Music Mag Indie-Eye
also a lot of Surfers are watching it and spreading the word including great Surfer Rule

More to come.


Amycanbe open for Morcheeba - 27 July 2017

27 July we opened for Morcheeba (Skye & Ross)

It has been absolutely amazing!

Here few pictures and videos:

Here FEBBRAIO live by a great fan!

Full album of the night here https://www.facebook.com/pg/sullasabbialive/photos/?tab=album&album_id=498744690471858

Here a report of the night (in italian) http://www.csimagazine.it/morcheeba-beky-bay-2017/


sabato 22 luglio 2017

Across The Salty Roads

We are very proud to support Across the Salty Roads a great project about world environmental challenges by amazing Director Guillaume Beaudoin

"“The goal of a project like this is to look at the bright side of things, to see the beauty in human action and people moving forward. The point is precisely to avoid sitting down and doing nothing. The point is to get up and do something, forget relationships, create something, inspire,” said Guillaume before taking off.

Here is the second chapter of this South Pacific hitchiking tale. Enjoy!

For more information on the educational project - www.acrossthesaltyroads.com/marquesas/#initiative

We partecipate with a song as soundtrack: Matthew And Mark

WOLF - Track By Track review

Thank you to The RingMaster Review for the increadible Track By Track review of WOLF!!!



May Apizsara Showreel

"I Pay" is soundtrack in new Reel by May Apizsara, lovely great Director from Bangkok, Thailand


May Apizsara : Director Reel l Mid 2017 from MAY APIZSARA on Vimeo.